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Drunk driving charges are not a laughing matter

Today, drunk driving charges are taken very seriously by the courts and the public at large. The police are constantly on the lookout for drunk drivers, and at various times of the year law enforcement agencies join to set up DUI checkpoints and to monitor people leaving bars and restaurants.

The devastating consequences of a West Virginia DUI

A DUI in West Virginia can have enormous consequences on your life. Even though a conviction is not a felony (this is not legally accurate as DUI cases can be felony matters – if I had a better idea of what you want to convey here, I could help rewrite), the effect is just as devastating. You face jail or prison time, fines in the hundreds to thousands of dollars, and a suspension of your driver’s license for a significant time. According to the WV DUI laws, if your license has been previously suspended, you could lose your license for years, especially if you have multiple convictions. Further, your auto insurance carrier may cancel you or will double or triple your premiums.

If you are able to keep your job, your conviction is public record and you will face the ignominy of having been arrested and convicted of an offense that many people consider worse than a felony (we should probably find a better comparison, such as a specific crime to insert in place of "felony" here.

In times like these, you need the best DUI defense available. Many WV attorneys advertise their services as DUI attorneys, but if you want all your options explored, the best DUI defense tactics employed, and someone who will be there to explain the process every step of the way, then contact Clarksburg, West Virginia DUI attorney Todd La Neve.

There are many factors that comprise a DUI case that only a legal professional who routinely practices in this area can handle. Too many people simply plead guilty feeling that an arrest means an easy conviction, or they hire someone with limited experience due to their low fees. There is no worse feeling than discovering later that you had a number of defenses at your disposal or that your case could have turned out much differently. DUI defense attorney Todd La Neve has often counseled clients and others who had previously been told that they had no defenses available, only to learn that their cases were able to be won or significant improved.

The best DUI defense is an experienced West Virginia DUI attorney

An experienced West Virginia DUI attorney will investigate whether there was a valid stop of your vehicle by police and if the police officer had legitimate grounds to suspect you were driving under the influence. Your attorney can also determine if any preliminary coordination and breath tests were conducted properly. Further, your legal counsel can challenge the procedures used to test your blood alcohol concentration and whether the police comported with proper protocol and evidentiary requirements.

Hiring the best WV DUI attorney will not guarantee your charges will be dismissed or you will be found not guilty if your case goes to trial, but you can be assured that your rights will be protected and that any possible defense or plea agreement will be explored and discovered. The difference is that
Todd La Neve knows what evidence to look for, where and how to find it, and what to do with it when it is present in your case.

Do not take a DUI in West Virginia lightly. Contact West Virginia DUI attorney Todd La Neve today for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION at TOLL-FREE 877-7WV-LAWS (877-798-5297).

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